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To me, makeup is not used to conceal the inconsequential physical or inner deficiencies that one may happen to believe to be true in themselves, but rather to reveal, and sublimate who you really are, while allowing you to remain fully authentic and completely true to yourself. I have been passionate about art and makeup for many years and I am eager to fulfill your every desire. I am a MAC certified makeup artist and I have completely devoted myself to my field of passion since 2003.

Emilia Rida Subaih

Our Services

As well as weddings, I work in a variety of other areas for both private and commercial clients

WEDDING MAKEUP : Professionally trained, I use only the finest cosmetics and brushes guaranteed to achieve a flawless, long-lasting look that will be commented on for all the right reasons.

VINTAGE  MAKEUP: I’ve much experience – both for weddings and commercial photo-shoots – of creating convincing vintage and retro makeup. Everything from Restoration Royalty to Sixties Chic and pretty much anything in between.

MAKEUP LESSONS: If you’ve ever wanted to learn what makeup is best for you and how to apply it effectively – I can teach you! One-to-one sessions lasting 3 hours during which time we’ll have a lot of fun experimenting and discovering what really makes you rock!

COMMERCIAL PHOTO SHOOTS: I regularly work with talented professional photographers as lead Makeup Artist both in studio and on location. Magazine editorials, TV commercials, business portrait shoots; I’m your gal.

SPECIAL OCCASION MAKEUP: Anything from birthdays to  weddings! But more often makeup for big event parties, award ceremonies or conferences. I come to you, sort you out and send you on your way looking the bees knees.

To offer the best service, I work exclusively with professional products (Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, MAC, NARS).






Emilia has been my go-to makeup artist since 2010, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on several projects in Qatar.

Whether it was a magazine editorial, a fashion show, or even an advertising campaign, she has always delivered to the highest standards.

Her innate talent for makeup artistry exudes in all her work and she always managed to provide her special touch, especially when she envisions a more suitable look. She has the knowledge and experience to foresee a better outcome for the look, which is definitely a unique factor and what makes her one of the most sought-after makeup artists for all requirements in Qatar.

I can’t wait to work with her on future projects because I know it always ends in excellence.

Harriet Gyamfuah, Senior Reporter
I have observed Emilia’s work on my production of FAFA SAVES THE FORREST in Doha.  She at all times maintains a good and co-operative atmosphere in her interactions with the production team and more importantly with the performing artists.  Her make-up room at the theatre soon became a haven of relaxation and preparation for all the cast and even, occasionally, the director.
When we started the project the costume designer and I were a little hesitant in committing ourselves to a full make-up scheme for the production.  However, Emilia convinced me through her dedication and commitment to try a few ideas as an experiment.  As soon as I could see her work on-stage I knew immediately that she had the right approach.  Her work was imaginative and very professional whilst working within the overall framework of the complex production.  As I wrote in the show report after the first experimentation:  “I wish I had listened to her ideas at an earlier stage”.  From now on when we do these type of productions in Doha, Emilia will become the Make-up Designer and not just a practitioner.  Her approach to make-up is ideally suited for theatrical presentation and combines the very best skills of special-effects film make-up with a narrative approach to drama which, in my opinion, is unparalleled anywhere.
I certainly intend to use Emilia in other productions and I encourage all directors and designers to do the same. Her cheerful and pleasant personality and charm make her an ideal collaborator for a production team and perfect for the actors and dancers.  Working with creative artists immediately prior to a performance requires great skills of tact and diplomacy as well as a calm and soothing approach.  Emilia has all of these valuable skills and as such is an ideal theatre make-up professional.
Michael Hunt, Theater Director

She is an excellent makeup artist, very professional and talented. For me it is very nice to know that she is going to do my makeup for one of my projects.
But what I appreciate most is that Emilia is a very good friend and an excellent human being.
She supports my NGO without hesitation when I invited her to collaborate for the international campaign, not only one but twice.
Emilia made the characterization to some of the women of the campaign and then she characterized herself! Emilia is my friend and now a Goodwill Ambassador for Queens Without Scars.

Mrs. Universe 2014 1st RU
Mrs. UN World Ambassador 2015
Mrs. Mexico Universal 2016/17
Actress, Model

Yezenia Navarro, Founder and chairwoman of Queens Without Scars

I have known Emilia for around 10 years, she has always conveyed a high level of creativity and professionalism, she is dedicated to her work, success driven and challenges all obstacles crossing her path

Adrian Haddad, Photographer



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